Monday, December 27, 2010

Foam tire setips for F103 and Exotek/103 front end

**************Clarification questions in red
Black front spring
60K-100K diff oil on kingpins
regular front end w/caster shim to add kick up  What size shim and what thickness?  Goes under front Wing screw correct?<< 1mm wheel hex shim, correct under wing
stock steering arms Need to use the shaved arms due to ride height?<<Maybe, I think when the tires get under 51mm you may start having problems and need to shave arms
HBR Med Tamiya tire or Magenta  What tire diameter range should I true to?<<<If I remember, 53.4mm produces 4mm ride height on stock arms
4mm ride ht
black o ring on top deck screws-where top deck meets servo mount (2 total)
0 toe

bridge shock mount
35 wt oil center shock
1 o ring inside shock
set shock length so shock end covers almost all threads- you should have a little droop. How much preload? <<Just try to get the main chassis behind the battery @ 4mm
3 hole piston

yellow or blue spring from florescent mini car set
damper disc-I usually go with a heavy fluid, like 20-30K, but I have been thinking a lot about this, and I think it may make the car too twitchy.
start with 10-15K...
Stock T bar ----  front screw ---.5mm shim   rear screw ---2x .030" nylon washers.  Nylon?  Why?  Where do I find them? <<Associated sells them in packages to space hubs on offroad cars and other stuff.  They are stiffer than an o ring, but still let the t bar move.

 If that is too stiff for the amount of traction, replace 1 washer with black o ring

Start t bar tension so that it has side to side movement but, only a bit.  Don't crank it too hard, and don't let it be loose.  Adjust to taste.
4mm ride height or a bit of rake so front is lower.  Usually the 0 axle adjuster works.
space axle each side 1-1.5mm.  More spacers = more reactive
Tamiya pre mount or equivilant (ask Cuda)  or Magenta

front=same as 103, unless you want to run the 3 racing front end.  I would run 0 or .5 camber.  Caster, start w/6* and adjust to the track
What body/wings are you using F104 or F60?  <<F60 cuz it's cool!!!  Plus the cow catcher on the front is a full width bumper
45 or 50 wt oil center shock (I'm not sure yet:>)
3 hole piston
40 or 45 in side shock
2-3mm droop
CRC red or white side spring, or AE blue or gold--this is something you will have to decide on. 
Let side spring touch side link at rest.  Some guys say don't let the spring touch, but I think the car is lazy like that.

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