Tuesday, December 28, 2010

CRC side spring mod for the 3Racing F109

Go to nexus racing and get CRC #1280 side springs and 3387 molded spring retainers. You'll need 2 4-40 screws, decently long to use as tweak screws. The hole for the grub screw which secures the pin for the top deck hinge goes all the way thru, so you can use this for a tweak screw hole. You'll need to cut down the pins for the top deck, and secure them. I JB Welded them in the hole.

You'll need to dremel off part of the spring cup on the bulkhead to clear the spring retainer. Remove the spring retainer on the lower pod plate. Then screw the 4-40 screw into the bulkhead, screw on the CRC spring reatiner and attach the CRC side spring. I used red for carpet, but there is a good selection in the kit. You now have a wide variety of springs and also tweak control for the car.

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