Monday, June 29, 2015

Mysteries of the ancient Tamiyas......

Some thoughts on the F104WGP for carpet...........


#1 My buddy Kevin is always right. Case in point, the worthless F014WGP t bar car I was running in Toledo is now pretty awesome.  He suggested the old Schumacher Shake - take it all apart, put everything in a box, shake it up and put it back together.

Key points:
soft damper/stiff tbar setting- I had the t bar pretty loose, and it rode on a single o ring.  This seemed to contribute to tire hiking and other bad things.  I made it tighter, and it got better, so I added a second larger diameter o ring around the smaller one and this again helped.  I tried 30K tube grease and that was good.  80K seemed a bit stiff, didn't let the car rotate.  50K might be the sweet spot.  BTW this is also the complete opposite of what works at the Tamiya track on asphalt.

1mm droop- less than 1mm tended to make the car traction roll old school Cleveland style...right across the nose or hinge up on the outside wheels.  More than 1mm just made it a little crazy to hang on to.

Wipe fronts with motor spray, then SXT - Until I was wiping the tires with motor spray, there was not a lot I could do with the car.  I only wiped the fronts, and sprayed the rag, not the tire.

Front end with less dynamic caster - I have a very short ball stud on the back of the arm, right on top of the servo mount.  I ran 1 or 1.5 * camber, more camber = less caster.  That's good, but as the day went on and I was at 1.5* camber the car was getting hard to drive.  1* might be the way.  Less caster over all seemed to be what the car wanted.

Straighter tie rods - Lots of corner speed.  I had 2 servo savers, one with ball studs closer together, one with wider spacing.  I ran the closer one.