Wednesday, December 29, 2010

F104- the tbar mod

If you don't race Tamiya races..........
Ok, I'm going to let you in on the most important secret of all. Remove the center screw from the t bar where it attaches into the rear bulkhead. The car is WAY too stiff front to back with that screw. It will now also turn better too as the car can twist slightly.

All these guys who post about running with no shock attached, or no oil or spring or whatever baloney have an inkling of the cause of their problems, but removing the screw is the best deal. Check out a 103 and you'll see that the front to rear flex is far greater.

Myself and some other guys from our track have run this on foam tires, and it works great. It's the only way to get close to a 103 on lap time. Much more stable and steers. Still not quite as good as the 103 but easier to drive.

You will also need  a TC5 shock rebuild kit.  There are 4 foam circles in the package that are die cut.  If you pop the center out, the foam ring is a perfect cushion for the center screw in the t bar.  In fact the car will be significantly better if you glue the foam to the t bar and just remove the center screw!  This is how we ran at Trackside TCS, and how I was planning on running my car at the TCS Nationals until I found out this would be deemed illegal.

Much credit to Greg Sharpe and Jimmy Stegen, inventors of the foam "trick"

EDIT:  Details in this VIDEO -

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