Sunday, January 20, 2019

Some stuff I have been working on

It's been a long time since I have posted.  I bought a house, so my rc time has been much limited.   Lately, i have had a bit more time, so here's a few new things I'm goofing around with.

TRF 103

I got the new TRF 103 last summer.  At the final TCS Nationals at the Aliso track, I was able to qualify 3rd.  I didn't get the car really good until the main, when, in the warmup, I could tell it was fantastic.  The start didn't go very well for me.  I had some racing contact that put me down to last, though I was able to make a small comeback.  The car I had in the main was excellent, and if I had it working like that in qualifying, I think I might have had a chance to maybe started one place higher.  The two guys in front of me are excellent drivers, so I would have needed a lot of luck to have started any better than I did.   

The second car will be a carpet only setup.  If it's as good as the asphalt car, good things will happen.

Mutant V2

Once again the F104V2 pops up, this time with an IRS axle turned into a spool, and a couple CRC left side hubs for good measure.  This is possible with the Exotek 1/4" axle conversion.  It's a great idea, allowing the use of 1/4" axle parts like the many spools available and the Xray gear diff.

I also have the Tamiya carbon front end lower, with an Exotek upper arm setup for adjustable camber and caster.  I tried some other setups, but this works really well.  All that it needs is a small piece of carbon to mount the upper arms to the bulkhead.  It's fairly simple.

"Speed Jam"

So I bought some random parts online from a Japanese hobby shop to make my Speed Passion SP-1 into a Street Jam SJF01.  The rear end of the car has always intrigued me due to the amount of travel it has.  I mocked up some changes to see if the would work.  The upper links and top plate are too close to the rear of the car to transversely mount the battery, so I was able to bolt them to the SP-1 upper deck to allow a short pack sideways on the car.  At some point, I need to make a one piece top deck to mount the links, as this setup is flimsy.  The suspension does move well but I'm not familiar enough with this style suspension to know how lengthening the links affects handling.  

Eventually, this will get the same front end as the Mutant V2.  It worked well when the car was 100% Speed Passion.

That's it, just a fun update of what I'm keeping myself entertained with when I have some non-remodeling time.....