Monday, December 27, 2010

F103 front end questions

One other question.  Have you ever tried the 3Racing adjustable front suspension?  The kit comes with adjustable camber.  I also have the adjustable caster center piece, so I'll be able to adjust camber and caster.  Going to try it on the F103, the Exotek F104, and the Exotek F103 when we get it.

>>Yeah, i have run the 3Racing. I have the 3Racing F109 and I've also run it on the 103.  It has quite a bit of steering-camber is key.  I found 0-.5* is a good place to start.  I had run 1-2* when I first tried it and the car was bananas.  Caster at about 6* is a good start as well.

Also, have you tried the carbon resin version of the stock front suspension?  It is stiffer and I wondered if it would be the ticket on foams and carpet.

>>The carbon front end comes on the 15th anniversary car, and it's mostly what I have used.  That being said, I have run the plastic front end too, and I don't know if there is much difference.  I never really tested this though, but it's not night -and-day where you know something is up right away.  The 3Racing front end is actually pretty soft, which may be why it develops a lot of grip.

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