Wednesday, July 13, 2011

IIC Vegas race to offer F1 class

Great News! The International Indoor Champs will offer F1 at the 2011 race.
From Scotty Ernst's Rctech post:

"The F-1 Class is definitely gaining support and it is official we WiLL be running a F-1 Class at the IIC.
I am still working out all the details and rules but it will be on Rubber Tires.
It will not be finished in time for the online Registration this Wed but you will be able to add that class when I have all the rules finished.

"Hi Guys,

Great to read all the interest in the F-1 Class. Interest has been great since we thru the idea out. I was in Japan 2 weeks ago announcing a event and they had a F-1 Class, It flashed me back to my early days of racing in the TCS and how much fun I had with my Lotus and Sabre F-1 cars and it really got me fired up for the class at the IIC.

So it is Official! We will be running a F-1 Class at the IIC. I am working to set all the details and the rules, but it is going to happen. I will not have everything set in time for the online registration this Wed night, but you will be able to enter as soon as I have all things finalized.

Thanks to everyone for helping get the interest in the class for the IIC and keep spreading the word. Like Lightfoot said, it would be great to have a C main in this class.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions.. again, give me a chance to get all the rules and details set but it is going to rock.

F-1 at the IIC!

Game on.

Charles Lightfoot from the UF1 series helped to get the push started to have the class, and initial reports were that it would be based on UF1 rules for the "realistic" class - 180mm width, 21.5 motor/no boost, rubber tires.
I'll keep things updated as details come out.

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