Sunday, July 17, 2011

Exotek F104 Link style front end-result

Wow, I was really happy with the this front end set up.  Quite a bit had to do with the tires.  I ran Pit R1-H 0572 rears and F1 0573 fronts.  I had a bit of rear end hop, but I think going a step lighter on the side spring (from a CRC Red) would help that out.  Otherwise, it was really good.  It was easy to dial in caster and camber, and the setting held well.  I started with 5* caster, but I reduced it to help get the car into the corner a bit better.  Camber I set at 1.5*.

There will be a lot more testing, but I was very pleased for what was basically just a guess.  Everything was really easy to work on.

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