Tuesday, June 7, 2011


F104 TCS Memphis setup sheet


  1. Hey Rob tried Rubber tires this last week at our track and it was well terrible couldn't even pull half throttle with out spinning out. I am using your setup however I believe it is the surface there was very little traction for everyone.

    That being said going back to Foam. What Foams would you run on a low traction surface.
    I currently have Hbr soft rears and 104 kit fronts.

  2. Hmm, are HBR tires for the 103? Most guys who race outside have said type B foams. I would tend to agree because they are from the purple-pink-magenta family..more natural rubber. The kit foams are like yellow or gray, and get eaten up pretty quickly on pavement.

    The thing to watch out for is dust. If your track is really dusty or has a lot of grit or trash, you have to be careful on tire prep. Don't use sunscreen, or red dot or anything that makes the tires sticky, as your car will be worse than rubber. You can try regular sauces, but something like niftech that dries off the tire might be best in that situation.

    Before you ditch the rubber, there are a couple things. In that situation, I would use crazy amounts of throttle expo, like -60%. Also, have you just stacked up the lead? Put it in the middle of the car. Also what insert did you try?

  3. Stock tamiya insert. Not sure on the the exact one as it came with the tires someone gave me.

    Yes the weight is stacked beside the battery.

    I will try it out the next race as well with the B foams.

    Thanks again.

  4. Oh yeah, I was using sxt 1.0 traction compound.

  5. I am not liking any traction compound beyond buggy grip type stuff or simple green. I will post on this later.