Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Pit Shimizu tires...on going info

So a couple weeks ago at the track here, Chauncey (known as cheROK 1212 on rctech..) ran the medium Pits on his F104 and was fast and happy with the tires (0573 and 0578??!?!).  Then this weekend, Tom King (no relation) showed up with Pit mediums on his F103 (0543 and 0547??!!?).  Once the tires broke in, his car was dialed as well.  He said he bought the mediums based on Chauncey's experience.  Our track is a parking lot sprayed with cheap rootbeer, so grip is usually at least medium/low or medium.  I know this post from rctech.net detailed using a little harder rear to get the car steering more.  Anyway, just thought I would share this with everyone.  I really don't know too much more (I hope those part numbers are right),  as I have been running Tamiya tires to work on my TCS setup, but both cars looked good and had happy drivers.

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