Wednesday, September 7, 2016

V2.V2 complete

V2.V2  is complete, this time with the Tamiya carbon front end/Exotek combination.  As it turns out, the Exotek upper arms can be used if you make a plate to mount the camber links.  Now you have a front end similar to the other high end cars, carbon fiber, and the ability to adjust ride height at the lower arms.  I found the slightly shorter CRC front springs are a little better for this front end as the lower ball does not have a recess for the spring.

I have not had a chance to run the car........ yet.  


  1. How wide is the front and rear of the car? Why did you decide not to use the entire TRF front end? It will be interesting to see how the care performs. Can you post videos of the car in action?

  2. The front is close to 190mm rear like 185.