Friday, June 3, 2016

V2 thing...V2!!

I still have the V2Thing that I wrote about some time ago.  I have run it a bit, but never put a ton of time into it.  It has had ups and downs in the small amount of time I have run it, but mostly it has been about trying some new ideas.

Anyway, I have been thinking of a way to get a transverse pack into the car.  Wider links would be needed.  I did want to preserve the long, angled link premise I was working with.  

Lately, a new 1/12 aluminum chassis conversion has popped up, utilizing the hanging link carriers from the Roche f1 car.  The makers are claiming a great increase in corner speed due to reduced touch down/scrub in the corner.

So in that vein, I decided to make a little change in the V2 Thing that would kill two birds with one stone....

I had a scrap chassis that was perfect for making some hanging link mounts, along with some F201 shock crank posts that made nice standoffs.  The F201 parts I had laying there, but Tuning Haus makes nice threaded standoffs in a variety of colors and sizes.

Now I have a super narrow chassis that will fit a transverse shorty pack, and approximately 8mm forward and aft movement for battery placement.  

Not shown in the picture is the 3mm spacer used to bring the link back down to a level orientation with the pod end of the link

Once I get the whole car together, it should be fun to get a little track time and see what I can do with the revamped V2-V2! 

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