Friday, October 3, 2014

The long and the short of it, Part 2

This goes along with a future post I will put up on setting up the Speed Passion SP-1 for higher bite carpet, but I felt like I wanted to focus on the subject of the long battery.  

This last weekend, I went to the first UF1 MIDWEST race at The Gate outside Cleveland.  After a bunch of changes to my car, I had something I could work with.  One of the changes was going to a short battery.  I as well 'm always willing to look at things that I think are or aren't working for me, and I wanted to see if I was missing something on the battery.  I think everybody else had a short pack installed, and I was still a little off, so I went with a shorty as well.  

The lap times seemed to be better with the short pack, at least initially, so I left it in. I was throwing a bunch of stuff at the car and I let that part of the setup ride.

Fast forward to just before the 3rd 15 minute main.  The car was right there, and I was looking for a little bit more speed.  I noticed my car get a little soft deep into the 15 minute runs, and it was running out of front bite  as well.  I threw the long pack in just to see what it would do.

Hot lap all weekend was a 9.3 by Brian Wynn of CRC.  I know I got down to 9.4, but that is just the hot lap.  The car with the long pack reeled off 3-4 9.5 second laps in a row, and felt awesome, so I knew it was on. The car was planted yet felt a little free in the corner due to the pendulum effect of the added rear weight.  On top of all that, traction roll was reduced to the absolute minimum.

I started 3rd in the mains, and while Wynn was gone I was able to get past the second place car and hold that position until about a minute to go.  I basically roasted the fronts off at about 13 1/2 or 14 minutes in, which was much better than 5 minutes in.  Part of this was probably over driving the car, especially with the confidence I had going into the last race.  It was also hard to say exactly what I needed to do as I had been changing the car so much.  That said, my car was great when I left the track, and  I feel like I have proven, at least to myself, that the full size pack is the best choice.

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