Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Tech racing...the newest in new???

Interesting stuff from Tech racing...Note this first photo:

"○ can be attached to the F104 series Tamiya, 2.5mm carbon suspension arms.
○ camber angle, can be selected for the 2.5 degrees and 1.5 degrees left and right change the mount.
○ caster angle also can be selected 7 degrees and 5 degrees at a fixed position of the upper arm mount.
○ King pin ball of the upper arm in the mobile, and smooth movement.
○ Upper arm block, can also be used for movable suspension arms Tamiya genuine.
<Set contents>
· 2.5mm carbon upper arm
-Such as King Pinball mount upper arm mount and other mounting screws

Release Part Number mid-June:: FCP010 Release Date
Fixed price: ¥ 3,200 "

Similar to something that has just come out, but this was first.

Now check out the second picture. Perhaps we'll see this from a big name soon...

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