Tuesday, July 16, 2013

SpeedPassion SP-1 setup

SpeedPassion SP-1 asphalt setup

Most of what I did to the car was to try to get maximum traction on both ends of the car.  The link toe in was something that I wanted to try and it seemed to be pretty good for the car.  When the traction was up on the track in the main I was able to drive most of the track on power. 

I also added to the steering rack spacers for a total of 3mm to add some angle to the steering rods.  This made the steering a little more aggressive, but the car was making enough traction to handle it.  I did also mount the shock as far forward as possible, which added to the steering.  That may need to be backed off for lower traction tracks, so it might be a good idea to start in the middle hole depending on your track.

Rear droop was pretty minimal, about 1.5mm.  This usually helps keep the car a little more stable off power.

I did also try CRC White side springs and about 2* camber, which was very good when traction was up, but as traction went down after the mains, this was a bit too much. 

Overall, I was very happy with the car right off of the bench.  While I was testing some changes out on my usual car, and the track changes during the day,  ultimately the SP car was .2 second per lap faster on this day.  That is a pretty good result.  If nothing else, the car is at least as fast what I have been running.

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