Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Tamiya F1 tires

Tamiya USA has announced a new F1 tire that fits the foam tire rim for the F104 series cars.

Tamiya USA:
"New Tamiya F1 tires for the F-104 chassis!
We are proud to announce the introduction of two new rubber tire compounds for the vastly popular Tamiya F104 Formula One chassis car kits. The front tire is a soft compound designed to offer excellent steering performance and the rear tire is a hard compound, which offers high traction with excellent longevity and durability. The new tire compounds fit the following Tamiya wheel sets: items 51378 and 54400.....

...The new item numbers for the tires are: 1031 RC F1 Tire Front (Soft) and 1032 RC F1 Tire Rear (Hard) The new tires will be available through hobby shops in early August."

Full article:


  1. is it my imagination or do they look suspiciously like the Pit 571/572 tires?

    either way - about time Tamiya has a good tire

  2. A rose by any other name..........

  3. no arguements there - was just sayin'