Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tuesday night F1

I just wanted to do a quick post on foam tires to follow up on my Omaha TCS report.  I got back to the track today and I had a chance to run my F104 pro from the race and my F104X1.  After having good success with the Pro car, I thought the X1 would actually be pretty good as well due to similar chassis setup.

The Pro with the short upper deck and FRP lower was actually .3 second per lap faster with no problem.  The X1 still had some elements of an outdoor rubber tire setup on it.  I had the heavy pivot post still installed, and it made my car kind of herky jerky.  The car did not flow in and out of the corners.  Going to a normal aluminum piece smoothed the car right out, but now it had a strange feeling like something was not right with the rear end of the car.  I felt like it turned a little better one way than the other.  I then decided to take the counterweight off the axle and run a normal clamp hub.  Again, the car got better.  I'm not sure if the counter weight is better for rubber tire, but I didn't like it for foam.

I tried the damper tube with 2000 wt oil, which I had from outdoor racing.  This was not enough dampening for my taste on carpet with foam.  I went to 10K but it felt a little light on the bench, and again, the car was rolling too much.  30K turned out to be very good.  At first, I thought it felt thick, but it was very nice on the track.

I ran the 2  forward posts on the upper deck, and that worked pretty well, but there were time when the car didn't want to turn in for me.  When i had made all these changes, the car was able turn the same lap time as my Pro, and maybe even be a bit more planted.

 I have a long upper deck for the X1 in my possession, and i think that may be the key to get that little bit of turn in I'm looking for.  I think only using the 4 screws to hold the upper deck to the servo mount and the pivot post should allow plenty of twisting effect but the front to rear stiffness should help the turn in.  We shall see. Stay tuned....

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