Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Poor man's F1R part II

Sorry about the semi sucky photos, but I took them with my video camera. Anyway, this is the little plate I made for my Exotek F104 conversion.  It does allow the car to be a bit more flexible.  Maybe not as much as the F1r, and it probably does not have as much rear bias, but that may be ok for carpet racing anyway.

More of an overhead view here.  I made it possible to use up to 4 posts for the top deck.  Here i am only using the rearmost two of the four. 

You can get a little better idea of the layout, there is quite a bit of open area with a short 3800 battery. 

I tried the battery moved forward a bit as well, but I found it was actually very good all the way back. 

Mostly I made this part because I don't have the cash flow for the F1R yet, but it does seem to make more traction...

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