Thursday, December 8, 2011

Exotek 104 on Pit rubber

This is my Exotek 104 on rubber tires.  I have been running a short Losi battery in about the center of the car.  Nothing is really atypical, but I have been running gold Associated springs on the links.  I have said this before, but it seems like rubber tires like a car stiffer in roll than foam cars.  Typical side spring for a foam car would be a CRC red or white,  which is maybe like a blue or silver Associated.  I have also gone to 70wt oil in the side damper. 

In contrast to my "F103.5",  I could throw the car into the corner.  It does have a bit of a push on turn in.  This makes me wonder if the front end setup is what is keeping the car from flipping. A long time ago a good sedan racer told me the car is fastest when it's about to flip off the track.  Maybe there is just a tradeoff  with rubber tires that some steering has to sacrificed to keep the car on the track.  ????   

Gold springs..still running 35 wt oil/3 hole and a red florescent mini car spring.

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