Monday, August 22, 2011

Pre TCS Nationals

I arrived at the Tamiya facility early Saturday morning to get some testing in.  After last year, I waanted to get a handle on things early.  I had not planned to come out so early, but some friends urged me to do so.  Luckily I was able to change my flight (and actually get a better price!!) and come out early.

Just some quick thoughts:
*The track like last year doesn't have a ton of traction.  However, it seems a little stiffer chassis is working better as I thought.  There is a limit to this, but stiffer helps the car have a better feel out of the corner.

*Simple green!! LOL

*Maxing out the front ride height may not be the way to go.  I was trying this to help stability, but it may be making the car hard to drive.  Essentially, the roll center raises with the ride height due to the fixed arm, so
too high of a ride height may make the car too reactive...

*I am a big dummy dept: The plastic camber plate is 0 and .5 camber, I guess.  I did not realize this, but using a caliper, the 1 position has the holes ~21mm apart, 2 is ~20mm, and 1.0 on the aluminum piece is ~19mm.  Closer hole spacing = more camber...........

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  1. Good luck rob.

    Got 3 friends of mine that won tickets to head out to cali...One in Mini, one in GT2 and the other in F1.( Frankie Chan)