Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The motor game

I watch some of the threads on rctech and other forums, and F1 is in a weird place.  There are a certain amount of people who still want to run silver cans, and there are a lot of people who want to run brushless.  It seems like 21.5 and no timing esc is a good equivalent.

  Silver can is fun if everybody just runs the motors the way they come out of the package.  Otherwise, it just frustrates people if there are "tuned" motors.  Even so, the motors are pretty crappy, and it's easy to smoke one trying to keep up. 

It would be great if everyone got on the BL bandwagon.  Really, I think it's cheaper in the end and less frustrating.  I think that sometimes the desire to "use what we already have" gets in the way of what is the best way forward.  This goes for almost every class of racing.  Sometimes I wonder if people have 10 cars and one set of electronics mounted on velcro..LOL.  At the same time, I realize the transition is a fragile time for any class, since that's when there is the most chance for racers to walk away.  If silver can and 21.5 can run together, that really is the best of all worlds.  The guys in California have had success with this, and I have run in practice together with a 21.5 car and not known it was brushless.  At the same time, I have also read reports of it not being so equal.

Right now F1 is on the cusp of really taking off.  The cars have the realism and performance, and they are pretty cheap overall to run.  Somehow, there needs to be a unifying force to put it over the top.  Tamiya/TCS is great, but there are a lot of cars out there besides Tamiya or Tamiya parts only.  Only time will tell.

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  1. Silvercans need to follow brushed motors, round cell batteries and FM radios down the road of extinction. People who can't let go of the $12 pop-can electric motors are those people who know how to cheat the system and have an advantage because of it. Anyone who has used spec brushless motors in any class knows how they remove ALL of the games that people play with electronics.

    The sooner the silvercan goes away in F1, the better it will be for anyone who wants to race in the class.