Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Harbor Hobby TCS setup sheet



  1. Hey Rob, watched some of your runs at TCS. Nicely done on the TQ, too bad about the mains. Guess they run it differently we run 4 heats of points.

    Curious why did you change the servo to facing up?

    Racing on Sunday. Car was great with some of your changes last practice pulled fast lap for the day.

    Will make the camber plate change soon as the two bolts are stripped and I am out of spacers lol.

    Thanks pete

  2. well done Rob on the TQ...keep up the good work

  3. Changing the servo to facing up will remove the bumpsteer from the car. You need about 2mm spacers to move the ball studs down for the correct angle.

  4. Hey rob, I thinking of trying the new separated top deck from Tamiya. It allows it to run just with the shock without the damper plate. You know what kind of effect it would do to the car??

  5. I actually just got one too. I haven't put it on the car yet.

    On the 103, a short top deck will take away response and some steering. That would be helpful if you race on a lower traction surface. Removing the damper disc will also increase grip on a low traction surface.

    This 104 upper deck may be a bit different, as the 104 chassis is pretty thick. The car does need to flex a bit in my opinion. I tend to think it needs to flex side to side versus front to back for high traction. I think the front to back flex reduces the response. This would probably be better for low traction.

  6. You are right, the immediate effect was understeer after installing the short upper deck without changing other thing.