Friday, January 25, 2013

V2 build V.2

To continue on with the build up of the V2, there are some options to consider.  One is the use of the damper tube instead of the roll shock or side shock.

Tamiya sells the 54413 aluminum roll damper, but the delrin version that is included with the X1 kit is virtually the same.  Both are used with many types of grease, from pan car greases to 1/8 diff oils.  I prefer the diff oils since I know what the rating is and they are available everywhere.  There really is nothing wrong with the side shock but it's more work to set up and is a little more maintenance.

The 54332 Counterweight is also something to consider.  This is another X1 part.  With the older Tamiya tires, I did not notice a big difference with or without the counterweight, and much the same for foam tires.  However, with the new "TCS" tires, the counterweight seems to be a big help.  I find the car drives a lot better, and feels more balanced.  I think part of this is the better grip afforded by the TCS rubber.  With foam the cars are locked down and lighter is better, but the rubber tires need a little more balance when they have some grip.

One thing I did want to warn about was the upper pod brace.  I had been using the carbon piece, which is fine, but you'll notice that there is not a lot of material around the right hand side attachment point.  I also did not glue the edges of the piece.  So I recommend you sand and glue the edges and also try to use something like a countersunk washer to provide a large surface area to hold the part to the pod.  I had just used a button head screw, and rolled the car at some point.  I noticed the end chipped as in the picture.

The 54375 carbon brace...Do you need it?  I'm not really convinced you do if you also have the aluminum pod.  The pod comes with an aluminum cross brace anyway, so the carbon fiber is overkill.  It might be good if you ran the plastic pod for some reason.  IF you don't want to use the aluminum cross brace, then it is necessary, but the plastic from the kit is fine with the aluminum pod...

Exotek's 1191 Twist Nuts, basically thumbscrews, are really nice for the V2.  The battery is in and out in a snap and the color is a perfect match.

 The odd ball part here is this doubles sided carpet tape.  A nice rectangular patch on your chassis will keep the battery from moving at all.  It retains it's stick for a long time, so much so that I find it's best to stick your hand to it a few times to kill some of the adhesive before you first put the battery in.  This is great for sedans as well..

That's it for the extra stuff I used on the car, but I'll have some more tips on putting everything together in a bit.  Enjoy Tamiya USA's Fred Medel as he explains the F104V2 setting sheet and what the adjustments do....

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